Beloved at the Pie Factory Margate runs until Tuesday 11th April 2023.


The Ki, an ancient system of astrology originating in China explores flow through the relationship

of nine significant elements of the natural world.


Sleeping Beauty uses the ancient fairytale to express what happens when we are asleep

and are simply unable to notice when the flow has ceased.


All aspects of the exhibition are supported by original paintings on paper and symbolic sculpture. 

Long time themes are my interest in differences in scale and the possibility of enabling another view. 



tombo tsuri kyou wa doko made itta yara

Where has he gone? He’s gone catching dragonflies.

Haiku by Chiyojo


Two sculptures from Threads, the Pie Factory Margate 2019 Installation were in the Turner Open Exhibition



Threads, 2019

Singer treadle sewing machines, paper, thread and photo etching


This installation searches for connection. My mother, Bina Korngold fled from Vienna in 1939, to escape the Nazis. As soon as she was able to speak English, she gave up speaking German forever as a private stand against the killing of her parents Markus and Bruche Korngold. 

Threads uses the politics of repair, stitching time, placing images of our mother, my sister, Gita and I, close to those of our lost Viennese grandparents. 


The construction of this installation was made in partnership with textile artist Shelley G Beach.

Print copy made in collaboration with Hayden Blyth.

Blue photo etching made by Barbarita Marks.



Turner Contemporary



Kent CT9 1HG


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