Reveals is a site specific installation at Conway Hall, London. 




My father Reg Marks was a Japanese prisoner of war

reveals is an installation in response to his experiences building the Burma Railway


walking through the corridor powers the train

through the train windows are:


glimpses of my father’s life before and after his captivity, his wartime diary,

messages from the family he left behind and the Japanese figures he carried home


the texts are from his beloved mother Dobie and my mother Bina Korngold, a refugee from Vienna

giving him news about their little daughter Gita



the Japanese figures

have been a constant throughout my life, they are significant to me


“memories of people, and other times” my father’s words


they remind me of my family known and unknown and whoever made these dolls which at different times we both have touched



the installation also documents Reg's wartime friendship with Mr Rikitaki and the kindness that can be experienced

regardless of difference.



Elizabeth Marks for the photo album and the documents that made this installation possible


Conway Hall

25 Red Lion Square | London | WC1R 4RL

Opening Hours: Mon - Sat: 9:00 - 23:00, Sun: 9:00 - 22:30


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